Moipone Fleet we are constantly working to bring new innovation to our products and services. Listening to our customers and looking to our African partner’s means we strive to bring new thinking and news to benefit our fleet managers and their drivers. From the way we deliver our vehicles to customers to the way we manage all aspects of our business relationship we are working to ensure we are thinking with you in mind.

In an ever evolving automotive marketplace we have seen the move toward green vehicles including hybrid and full electric. Moipone Fleet is proud to be the largest fleet manager of electric vehicles in South Africa. We see a move toward this technology more and more in the coming years with the range of options available ever expanding and drivers moving to a greener mode of transport.

Moipone Fleet was the first company to introduce a fully interactive driver app in South Africa, allowing drivers to have control on how their vehicle is managed. Linked directly to our fleet management system the driver app allows driver to perform a variety of tasks with their vehicle direct from their smart phone. We see this technology becoming an even more valuable tool in the future.

In another first for Moipone Fleet we allow customers access to our online reporting system, which unlike many others is based on real-time data, ensuring that fleet managers have the most up to date information when it comes to managing their vehicles

Innovation for us is thinking ahead. We look to our customers and supply partners to ensure we keep change in the forefront of everything we do.